SafariBomba: Smart and Affordable Ticketing

By using SafariBomba services, you can easily book a bus ticket through our website or by texting bus agents who are connected with our automated text message bots.


Free of Charge

No extra charges for sending the messages. Texting our system is no different from texting a friend. Text today in English or Swahili. Standard text messaging rates may apply.



You can easily manage your finances with us. Each booking done by SMS ticketing is instantly recorded on our website and you can view it wherever you are.


Offline Access

Booking is available both online and offline. For quick response and flexibility, the offline messsages and online confirmation are monitored direct by the bus agents.


Direct Payment

All the payment are done direct to the bus agent. This process is automated and can be monitored through our website. Direct payment ensures timely confirmation of the tickets.


DogoDogo Pay

We know not everyone can afford to pay their travelling fare at once. You may deposit any amount of money to your Mobile wallet (DogoDogo Pay) and it will be added to your saving account for future use.


No papers

You only need to show a message from your phone in order to board the bus. No need to carry a paper ticket with you. Going green helps the Globe win.

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you. Please send us an email, a text message or call us for any feedback or questions.