What is DogoDogo Pay?

DogoDogo pay is a Payment Gateway which aims to help people, especially the ones with disability, to quickly access their mobile wallets and perform transactions. This platform opens a lot of opportunity to a large community which otherwise could not be an unable to perform transactions on their own. The platform supports all service providers in Tanzania. Since users can also enter their custom USSD codes, this platform can work anywhere else in the world.

DogoDogo Pay

QR Mobile Wallet

Users can generate QR code base mobile wallet which enables their friends to quickly send them money from any other mobile wallet such as M-Pesa, Airtel Money, Tigo Pesa, Halopesa etc. This makes payment faster, error prune and more efficient. The QR code technology can also be used on online shops, mobile wallet agents, insurance companies and banks where users can simply scan the QR code in order to finish the transaction. In case you are business owner and would like to configure your business with DogoDogo Pay, please contact us below. This service is offered free of charge.

AutoMate Any USSD Service

One person once said 'Engineers are lazy that is why they like automation.' See what we got after we comission an engineer to build our payment system. Unlike any other existing mobile payment solutions, DogoDogo Pay gives you a capability to automate any USSD service so that you will be able to then run it with a single click. Our mobile app gives you a user friendly interface where you can fill in different variables for a different USSD service and then run it later by a single click. Use cases include monthly contribution to a SACCOS group, paying school fees by a small amount(that is the meaning of DogoDogo Pay by the way), withdrawing money from a certain mobile agent and much more. In short no limit!

Automate service

Share With The World

You made some cool automated services and wants to share with the rest of the world? Just make your service public and all the app users will be able to search and try it. Sample possible applications for this is fundraising for a school event, charity, or even a wedding ceremony. Friends can also give their views on the specific service by giving comments and ratings. Having issues collecting funds for upcoming wedding? Install our app and enjoy. After all every thing is free.

Multi SimCard Support

Your phone is Dual and wants to use different wallets for different service? We got you covered. Simply select the phone number you want to use on check out.

Multi Sim Support
Offline Access

Offline Access

Worried that you may not have access to the internet? Simply download your favorite services and they will be available offline.

You have any questions on how to get started?

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